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In the new normal, an online learning management system can be key to your success. Let us help you make it happen.

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Easy LMS Setup

Need your learning management system fast? We'll set up your learning management system within a few weeks.

Customizable To Your Brand

We'll customize your learning management system to reflect your brand.

Low Cost Maintenance

No infrastructure? We'll take care of it at a lower cost than maintaining your own servers and personnel.

Learning Management Systems

A learning management system is an online portal where your students and employees can access learning materials and take assessments at their own pace.

Using a proven learning management system solution (Moodle), we can set one up for your institution.


Minimal upfront fees... Low maintenance costs!

We set up your learning management system with minimal upfront fees for the setup and customization costs. Once deployed, we will maintain your learning management system for cheaper than it would cost to hire your internal staff and build your own infrastructure.

Setup and Basic Branding

Php 60,000



* Minimum of 100 man-hours

Maintenance and Server Fees


* Varies based on actual traffic requirements

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