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Full Project Development

We'll get to the bottom of your software needs, work with you on streamlining your business processes, and develop a solution that will provide exactly what your business needs.


Software Staffing

If you already have your software team and are looking to augment, we have qualified staff who can deliver immediate results and contribute to your project in no time.

Our pricing model revolves around your needs...

Full Projects

We estimate hours for analysis and development of your software and set an initial budget. As the project grows in complexity and we discover more needs, we will work with you to adjust the scope and budget to arrive at an arrangement that works.

Software Staffing

We bill our team’s hours monthly based on actual spent hours. You only pay for the software developers and other technical roles – our internal management effort is on us!

We charge based on the team's qualifications.


With up to 2 years of professional experience

Php 200 / hour


With two to five years of professional experience

Php 400 / hour


More than five years of professional experience

Php 750 / hour


More than ten years of professional experience. Can code and lead your technical design.

Php 1,000 / hour

Our Skills and Expertise

While we are always up for a challenge and will learn what is necessary for the project’s success, our team is particularly adept at the following technology.

What We Can Build For You

Custom Business Solutions

We’ll develop business software that fits your exact workflow and work with you to improve your processes through software. Whether it’s for your sales workflow, inventory, product catalog, basic accounting, or any other business process that matters, we’ll find out about your needs and build a solution that works.

Corporate Websites

Generate more leads and boost your brand with a website! Our website development uses the widely-used WordPress platform to build a site that exhibits your brand, engages your users, and generates leads through contact forms, mailing list signups, and blog posts.

You also get full access to the dashboard so you can edit content and create new pages and blog posts as needed.

Blockchain-enabled software

We’ve recently partnered with leading blockchain provider ProximaX to develop and integrate solutions on their renowned Sirius platform. If you want to build or move your software to a secure and decentralized blockchain platform, we can do that for you!

Inquire Now!

We can’t wait to help you get your software built. Tell us about your project and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

... or check out our other ready-made products and services that might be just what you need.

e-Commerce and Online Shop

Build your online business without breaking your bank. 

Learning Management System

Online learning for your institution without the need for your own IT infrastructure.

Whitelabel Mobile Solutions

Launch your mobile app in a matter of days!

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