In these uncertain times, more and more people are turning to online shopping as a means of acquiring the day-to-day things that they need. From essential goods such as groceries and food deliveries to electronics for entertainment at home, everyone is going online for their retail needs.

ATeam is proud to offer a new e-commerce solution to empower your retail business to go online and engage your customers in the digital space. Here are some key features of our e-commerce solution:

  • Affordable pricing. With a one-time setup fee of P20,000 and a small monthly percentage of your online sales, starting an online business has never been more affordable.
  • Wide array of payment and shipping options. We enable various payment options in your online store, such as COD, bank transfer, credit card, Paypal, and GCash. Likewise, shipping options are customizable and can be fine-tuned to each location you are servicing.
  • Fast setup. Our turnaround time for setting up the first version of your store is less than 2 weeks, allowing you to start your business as soon as possible. Our service doesn’t stop there, however – we will continue to improve your site as you operate.
  • Website hosting. Our package does not only include an online store, you can also add pages to your site for your customers’ information. An “About” page will allow your customers to hear your story, and maintaining a blog will allow you to engage and help your customers with insightful posts.
  • Free training on shop management and basic website administration. We provide training on how to manage your shop as well as your website content (creating blogs, updating pages). We will also share tips and tricks on increasing your website traffic as well as making your store more attractive.

Take your business online today. Learn more about our e-commerce and online store solution.