The world has shifted to online learning. This is true not only for educational institutions but also for professional learning, such as trade skills education, in-house certification programs for real estate, insurance, and other brokerages, and general employee training needs. After all, with all the free time at home, there has never been a better time to learn something new. Without offices and physical spaces due to distancing, the online world provides a venue. This article from the World Economic Forum says it all on how online learning will be the new normal for education and training.

To meet this new problem, ATeam Business Software Solutions has entered the e-learning market, offering its services for learning management systems. The problem for most companies making a digital transformation is always making that first step. Without an IT staff nor the infrastructure in place, it can seem out of reach. Here’s where ATeam comes in.

Using the reliable learning software Moodle, ATeam can deploy a learning management system to the cloud via your own web domain (e.g., customize it to your branding and special needs, and maintain your infrastructure – all with minimal capital and at a cost lower than maintaining your own staff and servers.

Learn more about ATeam’s learning management system services here.