4 Ways To Pivot Your Business In The New Normal

Traditional businesses are currently struggling to survive the pandemic, but the digital space is ripe with opportunity. Taking your business online or simply building an online presence is key to thriving in the new normal. According to this chart by The New York Times, while traditional entertainment venues such as movie theaters are seeing less

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The Advantages Of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has made incredible waves as a buzzword in the technology scene due in no small part to its association with the cryptocurrency trend of the late 2010’s. While it was instrumental as the technology behind cryptocurrencies, however, blockchain’s advantages can be easily panned to other software applications as well. What is blockchain? According to

Technology Trends That Will Continue To Grow In 2020

We’re at the beginning of a brand new year and a whole new decade. While 2019 was full of tech breakthroughs in the fields of AI, fintech, and more, we can’t wait for what 2020 has to offer. Look out for another breakout year in artificial intelligence, IOT (Internet of Things), 5G, and more this

5 Benefits You Can Get From Having Your Own Mobile Apps

There’s not much introduction needed on the topic of mobile apps – they’re ubiquitous, to say the least. Whether you have an iPhone, an Android phone, or even a Windows phone, you probably can name your favorite apps without a second thought. You may even already have a customized app for your business or personal

4 Reasons Your SME Needs Cloud Computing

Today’s advances have made it possible for businesses of any size to leverage and fully utilize information systems without having to shell out initial investments. We’re talking about cloud computing, the latest trend in the software business that’s making a huge impact and revolutionizing how I.T. needs get delivered to you.